Know the Truth About Medicare Coverage of Hospice!

Hospice care is actually given in your residence or home. It may as well be covered in a hospice facility. The hostice team actually creates a plan that includes the services of; nursing care, doctor services, medical supplies, medical equipment, homemaker services and hospice aide, physical therapy services, occupational therapy services and social work services and more.

Requirements that the Medicare Can Cover Hospice

OneFrugalGirl emphasizes certain requirements prior to the coverage of Medicare for hospice. For instance, the senior or loved one will need to be eligible for hospital insurance or Medicare Part A. In addition to that, a hospice medical director and doctor need to certify that your family member is terminally ill. He or she has just six months or even less to live.

The guardian or even your loved one will need to sign a statement that chooses hospice care than Medicare benefits. Lastly, care will need to be provided by a Medicare-certified hospice provider.

Hospice Services Covered by Medicare

OneFrugalGirl emphasizes the hospice services covered by Medicare:

  • Medical Equipment like walkers or wheelchairs
  • Doctor Services
  • Nursing Care
  • Medical Supplies
  • Dietary or Nutritional Counseling
  • Occupational and Physical Therapy
  • Social Work Services
  • Loss and Grief Counseling for the family
  • Short-term respite care and inpatient care

Things Not Covered by Medicare

There are things that are not covered by Medicare that include the following:

  • Treatment for the Cure of Terminal Illness. Hospice care will never be provided if your loved one will receive a treatment for terminal illness.
  • Prescription Drugs That Cure the Illness but do not manage the Symptoms. Drugs intended for symptom control and pain relief are covered by the Hospice Program of Medicare.
  • Care Coming from a Hospice Provider But Not Arranged by the Medical Team. The hospice medical team is responsible in arranging the care.

Things to Pay for the Hospice Care

OneFrugalGirl also puts emphasis on the responsibility of Medicare to pay the hospice provider for the hospice care of your loved one. But, things will somehow need to be paid privately.

  • Five Percent of the amount approved by the Medicare for inpatient respite care
  • Prescription co-pays

Now, you have learned more about the truth on Medicare Coverage of Hospice as highlighted by One Frugal Girl! For more information click here on this link.