Pregnancy Symptoms in the Human Body

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes in the human body. While some symptoms of pregnancy are clearly visible and discernible, there are some that would construe the unseen which would be considered as the symptoms of pregnancy. In classical cases, the common symptoms of pregnancy would include:

Missing periods

Many women would experience other pregnancy signs in the first few weeks of pregnancy; the final conclusion in many is however drawn when one misses consecutive periods.

  • While the missing of pregnancy would not be conclusive of one`s pregnancy due to the usual cases of menstrual irregularity, it sometimes might construe a symptom of pregnancy that would be strong enough to need further testing.

Slight bleeding

Usually, this is known as vaginal bleeding. It commonly occurs at around two weeks of the pregnancy. Slight bleeding residues will be left in the underwear of a pregnant woman.

  • The bleeding is caused by the process of implantation of the fertilized ovum onto the uterine walls. Usually this would lead the uterine to shed off some of the wall deposits. This would be ejected in the form of slight bleeding.

Mood swings

The mother`s body, especially in the formative stages will usually have excess of the hormone progesterone flowing through it.

  • This hormone in the large amounts will usually lead to abnormal mood swings. One woman the person might be happy the next she would be angry over something that under normal circumstances would be considered almost inconsequential to her.

Frequent urination

Pregnancy usually can be symptomized with an unusual urge to empty your bladders. This is often due to the presence of the hormone chorionic gonadotropin in the human body. The hormone in most occasions would lead to production of more urine since it interferes with the normal hormonal balance of the body. Usually, this might not construe a concrete sign of pregnancy since many conditions can also lead to the constant urge to urinate.


The typical pregnancy signs are not fault safe in themselves. Sometimes, they might simply be false alarms occasioned by a developing health complication or even a change in the use of family planning contraceptives.